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    Our goal is to help you achieve

    and maintain a healthy lifestyle

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    Better care for your health

    Better care for your life

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    Big enough to serve you

    Small enough to know you

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    superior and

    affordable services

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    Good can always be better

    That is our endless pursuit

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    Better Health,Better Life

    Better Society

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    Paramedical Courses at

    Mahatma Gandhi Education Society


   Two types of shares are available at the Hospital.

  1. Individual Membership Shares of Rs.5000.
  2. Institutional Membership Shares of Rs.10000

Medical insurance facility has been provided for by the management of the hospital to individual having Rs.5000 as share. Moreover this share holder and one ofhis nominees will get medical aid to the tune of Rs.5000 every year. 

The individuals having shares of Rs. One lakh will get medical benefit to the tune of Rs.30000 in a year.
Poor patients who are members in the cooperative institutions which took share in cooperative hospital are also given concession for the treatment received by them from the Hospital. This concession allowed also come to more than 10 lakhs per year.
The Hospital receives fixed deposits from both individual and institutions. Interest at the rate of 11% will be paid for the fixed deposits made for a period of 1 year and above.
Provision has been made to sponsor rooms, wards, blocks, different departments, etc by individual as well as institutions. Sponsorship can be made in memory of their beloveds by individual and in the name of institutions. The sponsoring individual and his near relatives (Maximum five persons)will get free room facilities, over and above the medical insurance benefit, while undergoing medical treatment at the hospital. Sponsoring Institutions will get the above benefit for 5 persons authorized by them.